Their amazing story

how they came to be so famous.

The Super 6 Package was designed to help people to have the most Bitcoins possible in the shortest time possible. With 90% of the incomes generated in the Super 6 Speedway plan, as well as in the Super 6 MDP Plan going back to members, the creator and founder of the Super 6 Package, Dr Stefan Pienaar, shows the intention of this program which is the upliftment of millions of people to a better life. The Super 6 aims to create a community of people in who the extending of love and kindness is unconditional. A community in whom there is an inward recognition of a need to show compassion to others consciously or sub consciously. Everyone has problems, troubles and griefs of some sort in life, but the Super 6 community will aim to take the Super 6 opportunity and have members who downplay their own problems in order to extend compassion, kindness and love to help others. Hence some people who set aside their own pains to relieve the pains of others.

In the Super 6 total package, millions can be earned and it is the request of Dr Stefan to all members who receive big incomes through this world first concept in which everyone earns, to plough back into the community and help others into the program as to have a better life.